Do you find it cumbersome to keep track of things to buy in a grocery store? Smartshoppers can detect and keep track of shopping items using a NFC reader attached to your arm. Firstly, the users adds a list of items into an Android app. Then, the user taps a NFC tagged item onto the NFC reader to register its purchase and an LCD display shows the remaining item in the grocery list. In future, this system can be embedded into a smartwatch to make shopping easier.


Cuttistant is a smart cutting board, derived from Cutting and Assistant. It has various features which solves problems that people face while preparing their dishes. It has a weighing machine, timer , instruction for making dishes, container to collect the waste and control the music on your phone from the cutting board.

Smart Jacket

This project was inspired by the Sixth sense device developed MIT media labs.The system has a projector, camera ,gesture sensor and touch sensor. The touch sensor is used to navigate between various option in the system. This system will allows to take pictures by a simple gesture , then view pictures using a projector projected onto the wall, get weather updates and play music.

Implementation of High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging on a GPU

Implemented a High Dynamic Range(HDR) Composition on a GPU GTX980 by combining 10 differently exposed images to capture the dynamic range of the scene. The GPU implementation of the HDR achieved a speedup of 7708x compared to a CPU implementation of it.

E-Bike with Regenerative Braking and Smart Helmet

A normal bike was converted into e-bike using by attaching it with an electric motor to the rear wheel. The e-bike is equipment with various sensors and displays to measure and display bike stats like distance travelled, speed, and track the location of stolen cycle. A smart helmet pairs with the bike which allows the bike to controlled using voice commands.

Augmented Reality VibroAcoustic Helmet for Visually Impaired

An assistive aid for visually impaired people for navigation and performing simple day-to-day activities. It helps navigating in indoor and outdoor environments by providing vibro tactile and acoustic feedback based on the location of the obstacle. It can detect a 20 dollar bills, a bottle, and room numbers. Once the item is detected, a Text-to-Speech provides audio output to the user through headphones.